The multi-language Tigrinya Dictionary App has almost about 120778 Tigrinya words and 62462 unique Tigrinya words. We have done some research to see if there is any previous finding about which tigrinya alphabet is most used, the frequency of Tigrinya alphabets in Tigrinya words, the frequency of alphabets at the beginning of words. We couldn't find any research that has been done so far to get this data and we decided to run this research from our database.

We did analyses of the alphabets occurring in the words listed in the main entries of our Multi-Language Tigrinya Dictionary and we came up with the following table: This study has limitations as the data are purely taken from our database entries.

The analysis was done on the unique words of 62642 and the results look like below. The most used single tigrinya alphabets are:

  • : 12000
  • : 11019
  • : 10408

The diagram below shows the distribution of single tigrinya alphabets:

We also did analysis to find out which alphabet is mostly used from the 32 set of Tigrinya alphabets and we came up with the following table. Even Though the most used single alphabet is but when we check the most used tigrinya alphabet it became with an average of 4195. This value was calculated by taking the average of the 7 vowels of each alphabet.

  • : 4195
  • : 4059
  • : 3914

The diagram below shows the distribution of all tigrinya alphabets :