Do you want to grow your following on Instagram? Perhaps you're a social media influencer who wants more engagement and followers. If so, then this blog post is for you! In this post we are going to provide tips that will help increase your Instagram engagements, as well as give strategies for how to gain followers on the app. We'll also discuss the importance of having a bio link in order to convert followers into customers or leads.

We'll start by discussing some general guidelines about using hashtags when posting on Instagram- it can be difficult because there are so many available (you might even wonder why anyone would need that many!). It's important to note that not all hashtags work with every photo;

  • 1. Add a link to your website or business page in the bio
  • 2. Comment on other people's posts to get more engagement and followers
  • 3. Use hashtags for better searchability
  • 4. Post high quality photos that are interesting or funny
  • 5. Make sure you're posting at least once a day, but not too often so as to seem spammy
  • 6. Tag friends in photos when they are with you

Your social media feed is an extension of your business. It's how you share the latest company updates, communicate with prospects and customers, promote new products or services-and it can be a powerful tool for driving sales too! Here are six tips to help you maximize engagement on Instagram so that you're getting more followers and increased product or service sales from this platform.